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Educational Videos

Learn more about your rugs and how to care for them with our
educational video series.

#1: How Often Should I
clean my rug?

#2: How Can You Identify Moth and Bug Damage on Your Rugs?

#3: How Can You Protect Your Rugs From Moth and Bugs?

#4: The Two Mistakes Made By Most Rug Owners... and Maybe You!

#5: How Should You Vacuum Your Area Rugs?

#6: Why You Should Never Let A Carpet Cleaner Clean Your
Area Rugs In Your Home

#7: Pet Urine And Rugs

#8: Understanding Tufted Rugs

#9: Understanding White Knots
(Rug Frekles or Foundation Knots)

#10: Understanding Abrash (Why Does My Rug Have Stripes)

#11: Understanding Tea Washed Rugs

#12: Viscose Rugs
= Artificial or "Art Silk"

#13: Do I Need A Rug Pad?

#14: What Is Protector? 
How does it work? 
When is it useful?

#15: How to Fold a Big Rug

15 - Dealer fold.jpg
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