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Area Rug Repair

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When damaged, fine Oriental rugs require top quality repairs to maintain their value and beauty. At Serafian's we endeavor to perform the correct repair for the problem at hand without needless costs. Unqualified restorers can damage the rug with unskilled, poor quality and unsightly repairs. Others may do improper or more costly work than is suitable for the rug.


Our in house experts are ready to fix your heirloom rugs cosmetic and structural problems so they can look like new without an excessive price.

Free evaluation

We provide free evaluation and estimates for repairing your cherished Oriental rugs. We can work within your budget to achieve the results you desire.


Serafian's specialists utilize the finest materials, techniques and skill to restore your rug properly, preventing further potential damage, while increasing its beauty and value in the process.


We offer comprehensive repair services for wool, silk, and cotton rugs due to damage from accidents, dry rot and wear.

   Some examples of our services include:

   Stitching of tears, cuts, & rips

   Patching of holes

   Re-knotting and Re-weaving

   Adding missing & damaged fringes

   Edge reinforcement

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