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Custom Cut Pads

Why do I need a rug pad?


Out of sight, out of mind?


Rug pads are often overlooked when purchasing oriental area rugs, yet the

right pad plays a critical role in your rugs performance and appearance.


The rug pad protects both your fine rug and your floor. The pad absorbs impact from furniture and footsteps, and lessens wearing between the carpet backside and your floors. Prolonging the life of the rug is only one of the advantages of a pad, however. Rug pads also prevent slipping and sliding, can reduce noise, and even add an extra level of comfort when walked on.

Premium all-natural felt & rubber pads


Our rug pads are chemical and adhesive free. They are eco and earth friendly and safe for floors, rugs and the air.


Protect your floors, rugs, & home with a custom rug pad from Serafian's.

All shapes & sizes available

Serafian's custom cuts every premium rug pad we sell, so even if your rug is an odd size or shape we can accommodate you.


Safe for all floors - Our rug pads are made to work on all floor types including:

Hardwood - Laminate - Tile - Brick - Concrete - Natural Stone - Even floors with radiant heating

Moth and Carpet Beetle Elimination and Repellent

Moth and carpet beetle issues can cause significant damage to the fibers and foundation of your rug.  Once infested, moth eggs can live up to 11 years in the foundation of your rug.  Only through proper cleaning and treatment can an infestation be eliminated.


If you think you may have a moth or carpet beetle infestation, call us today.

Dye Work.jpg

Color Corrections and Bleed Reversal

Our wash facilities include a fully functional dye kitchen.  We can not only fix and remove errant bleeding dye in your rug, but our certified dye experts can completely redye any faded or damaged section. We custom mix every color we use to ensure the best possible match on your rug.


Whether its color transfer caused from a flood or fading caused from a spill or accident, Serafian's highly trained staff can make your rug look like new.

We Also Offer

Appraisals for Insurance, Estates, or Personal Use - Wrapping for Shipping or Long Term Storage - Stretching, Blocking, and Resizing - And More...

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