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AR Rug Viewer

What is AR / A Rug Viewer?

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AR stands for "Augmented Reality"


It is a relatively new but simple technology that allows images to be seen on your phone over what your phone's camera is currently viewing.


This allows you to see in, in real time, something in your space that isn't actually there.


With this app you can use your phone to quickly and easily view any rug in our on-line inventory on the floor of your home or office.

How do I make this work?

apple app store logos.png

Step One - Find the app in your appropriate app store, download and Install it.


Just click on the correct link on the left for your device.

Step Two - Use the camera on your phone to scan your floor


Step Three - Pick any rug from our huge inventory.


We have even added a handful of filters to help expedite this process.


Step Four - Position and view the rug in your space.





As an added bonus, if you like, you can even choose to purchase the rug right then and there through the app.

One bit of advice, keep in mind that the lighting used when the picture was taken can affect the color and appearance of the rug on your screen.

While an excellent tool to use for viewing a rug, it won't be 100% correct when it comes to color.

Is this app safe?

Absolutely!  We worked with a team of dedicated and professional programmers at "Chewed Pixel Studios" to create this app.  Moving forward, if we ever find an unexpected vulnerability, we will take it down until it is fixed and let our customers know right away.

Why should I download this app?

To save some time and effort of course.  If you find a rug you like but would like to see it in person before purchasing it, let us know  and we will get it pulled for you.  Just call us with the SKU# and we will track the rug down just for you.

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